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♥ hi im missy and i love making boys cry ♥


my name is missy! im 13 years old, my birthday is november 9th and i live in oregon!

i identify as a xirl and use xe/xir pronouns! im panromantic and i think im also grey asexual but im not totally sure yet.

im in the eighth grade but almost in high school and really excited! i love to draw and i want to be an artist when im older, or maybe even a model. i did a photoshoot at the mall once so i think i may have a shot!

i love marina and the diamonds (seen her live once), scott pilgrim, 80s/90s movies, feminism, joan jett, and lots of other things. i also like sad music like teen suicide because im sad sometimes. i don't actually want to die though.

♥ ive been dating mickey since 01/26/2014 ♥

i also look like this!

im a bit shy but i would love to make more friends on here since most of my friends are online! feel free to ask for my skype!

talk to you soon!